Day One…well, sort of.

In February of 2019, I filled in as a DJ for a close friend of mine who had fallen ill during the ceremony of one of his clients. To be fair, I had intentions of making my way back into the wedding industry, but this was a little earlier than planned.  I hadn’t touched a DJ controller in over 2 years at that point.  The wedding was high profile, meaning, a large guest count at a prominent venue and top wedding pros facilitating the couple…whom I had never met.

It sounds like a recipe for disaster.  It sounds like this guy was about to ruin someone’s most important day up to that point. It sounds like my close friend should have called someone else. But he didn’t, I didn’t, and it wasn’t.  My mixes after 2 years were simple. They had to be. I played it safe that first time out and stayed really close to the playlist of requested songs.  But the thing that truly impressed them was the fact that, even though I was meeting them 3 minutes before introducing them to the reception, I was ready to serve them to the best of my ability.  THEY LOVED IT!  Their friends and family danced all night! It was a massive success.  Best. Night. Ever.


Since that fateful day back in February of 2019, I have launched a company, performed over 150+ weddings, and really found my footing and my voice as a DJ.  The service aspect hasn’t changed; rather, it has grown to be part of my identity and my company culture. When I show up on wedding days, I’m not just there to serve a couple who are getting married; I am there to serve their family, friends, the other wedding pros in attendance, the staff at the venue, ect.  It all matters! They all matter! Whether it is helping to move a table, running an errand, or helping grandparents exit a vehicle, showing up to serve is part of Forever-Ever Entertainment’s DNA.

When you serve everyone with authenticity, you connect authentically. You can see it in review after review. I live my life outside of weddings this way as well. It is one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned and it happened on Day One…well, sort of.


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