So, relax into the experience knowing that I understand you,
I have your back, and I'm here to help.

A DJ should do so much more than play the Cha Cha slide and announce your cake cutting.
 They need to set the stage for you to make dance floor memories beside your favorite people.
 That's why I guide you through a smooth experience with an energetic, friendly, and polished demeanor. And I provide top-tier service by ensuring you, your guests, and your vendor team feel seen, heard, and valued every step of the way.

Personal Connection is at the Heart of Everything I Do

Even with over a decade of experience under my belt, I approach each event in a unique way. And I get better results because of it. My expertise in reception design, music programming, and event flow translate to a party that just flows... organically. So, there's a safety and security in going with me. And the quality speaks for itself.


Makes Everything

My Expertise

Forever Ever Entertainment

Once the big day arrives and the dance floor comes alive, I'll be behind the booth seamlessly mixing in live requests from your guests. And instead of teaching your flower girl a new four-letter word, I play the same clean edits from the radio so everyone feels included on the dance
 floor and can happily sing along! ​​​​​​​

to Celebrate


My Approach

This way, nothing falls through the cracks.

To create the best experience for you and your guests, I collaborate openly with your vendor team. This way, your day unfolds as smoothly as the opening lines from your favorite song. 

I'll bring lighting that can be adjusted in multiple ways to help your photographer, and I'll bring special equipment to help provide clean audio to your videographer. Plus, I collaborate seamlessly with your wedding planner leading up to and during the big day.



My Outlook

Couple's Choice Awards Winner 2022

Forever Ever Entertainment

Over the past 14 years, I've mixed music for every type of event, fashion shows, intimate dinner parties, hip-hop clubs and holiday galas. But rest assured, I don't treat your wedding day like any of those!

Instead, I craft unforgettable events through unparalleled service. And I know exactly how to keep your guests moving all night long. I have an experienced eye for interpreting body language and have mastered the art of using song choice to influence mood. So, you can count on me to build an ambiance at your event that matches your vision.

Meet Duane

This way, you can experience it all, from a fairytale ceremony to a dance floor that you - and your guests - will never forget.

I've partnered with a local non-profit called the Heart of the Bride to support orphans and vulnerable women worldwide. So, while I'm behind the booth making sure you have a blast, we're also rocking it for a cause.

Your dance moves can make a real difference


Things were understandably chaotic that day, but Duane swooped in, stayed calm, guided us, and even helped orchestrate the ceremony because we weren't quite sure what we were supposed to do.

The music that he played was perfect, he kept everyone having fun and dancing all night, and honestly we didn't want him to leave!

This was the epitome of "going above and beyond".