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To keep your guests movin' all night long, you'll need a DJ who does more than hit play on a pre-made playlist. You're looking for someone with the understanding, flexibility, and skill to mix your favorites with top hits that are sure to get your guests excited.

  So, you can all get lost on the dance floor together.

To make your wedding feel like it has your fingerprints all over it, it's important that I understand what songs you like - and what kills your vibe. So, whether you're looking for a custom mix of your favorite songs for a sentimental-yet-silly first dance or want an experienced pro to create the after-party​​​​​​​ of the century, I'll make sure your personality and music preferences shine through all night long.

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To cut through the overwhelm, I'll be there to guide you every step of the way. And we'll review every important detail together in advance.

First, we'll connect for a Flow Session to walk through the sequence of events and map out your musical priorities. Then, I'll connect with your planner to understand the venue logistics and collaborate on a schedule of events. By the time we meet to finalize your song choices, I'll understand the full picture. And I'll help you avoid any pitfalls.

and seamless

streamlined, simple,

Think of your wedding MC like seasoning: Rather than dousing the energy of your event with a heavy-handed approach, I want to sprinkle just enough interaction to bring out the rich flavor of the party.

Rather than interrupting the music or treating your reception like a TV show host, you can count on me to make key announcements in a calm and friendly tone. And professionally direct your guests through each experience you've planned for them.

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Gently Guide

Sometimes a song, no matter how popular it is, doesn't land with the audience. The difference between me and your Spotify playlist is that I know what to do when a song isn't working.

Rather than asking you to predict which songs will connect with your guests on the big day, I'll take your favorites and the knowledge I have about your vision for the event and steer the music to create the atmosphere you want. This way, the energy stays high all night long.

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We felt strongly that our guests' perception of our wedding hinged on the ability of our DJ to​​​​​​​ move the crowd (physically and mentally) and he nailed it.

Duane is the one!

If you want a DJ who reads the crowd/dance floor and keeps people dancing...

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So, when the dance floor opens, everyone is primed and ready to let loose.

As your wedding DJ, I'll use music to naturally shift the mood from the emotions of your ceremony to the excitement of open dancing, building the energy by selecting songs and interacting with your guests when appropriate.

Your Wedding Featuring

I offer various music choices for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and after-party. And you can enhance the atmosphere further with options like uplighting, custom monograms, or custom-made music mixes. So, after we connect on a call, I'll put together a custom package that aligns perfectly with ​​​​​​​your event's musical needs.

Packages begin at 1895

The Perfect Fit

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 Duane was a key part in keeping the night moving when our timeline was off - he kept our guests entertained, kept the vibe light and fun, and was super flexible and helpful when we were navigating those “shoot, we’re supposed to do toasts now but need to go take sunset photos first” moments.


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If I can bridge the gap between a Texas two-step and modern Bollywood hits (and fill the dance floor for both genres!) then finding the sweet spot for you and your crowd is going to be a breeze.

Tailor Every Tune to you


Truly can't imagine our wedding without him! 

Duane made sure the fun moments were fun, the sweet moments were sweet, and that my husband and I had everything go exactly as we wanted it to be in our vision.

music to my ears